Lashilé Good Skin x60 Gummies

Lashilé Good Skin x60 Gummies

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Good Skin are vitamin gummies specially designed to help reduce all signs of aging.

Vegan, without artificial colors and made in France. Contains a delicious natural "Strawberry Jam" flavor that you will love!

Everything you need for sublime, smooth, firm and radiant skin:

✓ Contributes to anti-aging action thanks to hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.
✓ Promotes skin elasticity and thus helps smooth wrinkles thanks to hyaluronic acid.
✓ Contributes to skin radiance and firmness thanks to hyaluronic acid.
✓ Promote collagen production thanks to vitamin C.
✓ Suitable for men and women.

Take just 2 gummies a day, in the morning.

30-day program (1 month packaging).

Good Skin Vitamins Boost can give results from the first month. For lasting results, we recommend 3 to 6 months. Results vary from person to person.

We recommend a 1-month break after 6 consecutive months of treatment.

An elixir of youth in a delicious star, thanks to our exclusive formula based on anti-aging ingredients and vitamins:

Hyaluronic acid* (100 mg every day!)
Coenzyme Q10,
Vitamin C*,
Vitamin E.

*Hyaluronic acid is known to promote skin radiance and elasticity and thus smooth wrinkles. Vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen, to ensure normal skin function.