Uriage Xémose Syndet Gel Cleansing Cream 500ml

Uriage Xémose Syndet Gel Cleansing Cream 500ml

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Gel-cream for gentle cleansing of the face and body, ideal for dry, very dry or atopic-prone skin.

Uriage Xémose Syndet has an extra-mild physiological pH cleansing base that eliminates all skin impurities without damaging, giving you all the comfort. Formulated with Uriage Thermal Water, naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements, soothes drier skin. It has specific overgreasing agents, which prevent the drying effect of water and provide comfort to the skin. No perfume and soap. Hypoallergenic. Not commodogenic.

Apply to wet skin, emulsify to foam, rinse and gently dry.

Avoid contact with eyes.