Tena Men Dressing Level 3 x16

Tena Men Dressing Level 3 x16

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The TENA Men Level 3 Absorbent Protector is our safest protector and is an effective solution for moderate to severe urine losses and more intense outbreaks. The Double Core with Safe Absorption Zone handles losses, odors and moisture while its masculine shape, in the shape of a cup and with a fine design, ensures that it fits securely and comfortably in your underwear. Choose the solution that millions of men of all ages trust - and stay dry, confident and in control, day and night. Double core with safe absorption zone Specifically designed for male anatomy Adhesive tape to be attached to underwear

Double core with safe absorption zoneFor extra security against moderate to severe urine leakage. Specifically designed for male anatomyNew male shape with an outer contour, soft side elastics that create a secure fit and a cupped shape that makes the protector discreet and comfortable to wear. Adhesive tape for fixing on underwearThe fixing tape keeps the protector in place to make the fit secure and unobtrusive to underwear. Individually packedThe masculine colorful design allows for discreet transport and disposal. Dermatologically testedMaterial that is gentle on the skin.

TENA Men Absorbent Protective Dressings are easy to use. 1. Remove the product from the packaging and remove the paper.2. The wide end should face up.3. Place the adhesive strip down and secure to the underwear.4. Use the product with tight underwear. Dispose of the product by throwing it in the trash. Do not put it in the toilet.