Mustela Reusable Eco Wipes Kit x10 Units

Mustela Reusable Eco Wipes Kit x10 Units

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Adopt a waste-free hygiene routine with Mustela Eco-lingettes. Reusable and washable, made from 100% ORGANIC GOTS* certified cotton, they are available in 2 sizes to clean different areas of the body. The advantage: a very soft face for sensitive areas.
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A more responsible and sustainable alternative.ECO-socio-responsible:Our 100% organic cotton is grown in a responsible sector and comes from a circular economy. It is certified by GOTS, a certification that guarantees a cotton manufacture that respects Nature and Man. GREEN: Zero waste, these eco-friendly washable and reusable wipes are an easy first gesture for the whole family to adopt. The hygiene routine becomes easier with their multipurpose and more ecological use, since they do not generate waste. Economical: Our scarves are good for the planet but also good for your wallet as they are washable and reusable over and over again. Adopting these washable and reusable wipes will save you around €175* from the first year. *Internal calculations based on 13 changes per day and average selling price of organic cotton scarves in France.

Moisten a small tissue with cleaning water or water. To change, moisten a large-format tissue with Liniment, Cleansing Water or water and wipe gently. For optimal use, fold the scarf several times, both sides can be used. If necessary, make a new scarf. Finally, clean and dry the touching folds well. Store wet wipes in a washing net. MaintenanceWash at 40°C in the washing net provided in the kit and then dry in the open air.- It is recommended to wash this kit before the first use, a slight narrowing of the wet wipes is possible.- Do not use bleach. Do not dry clean. Drum drying is prohibited.- Iron at low temperature.- If you can no longer use your Ecolingettes because they are too dry, give them another life at home: clean the house, remove the enamel. These wipes are suitable for all family needs and can also be used to- Remove makeup,- Clean nipples before and after breastfeeding, etc. If you don't feel comfortable with every use, find the eco-responsible routine that suits you.